Plaque Finishes:

We have four standard finishes to choose from: rust, black, grey and brown. Some of our signs have additional color choices (white, brass or silver) Custom colors are available upon request but may be subject to an additional charge and require more processing time.


This is our original and most popular finish. It is a hand-finished and sealed rust patina that is achieved through our secret recipe of chemicals that speed along the oxidation process. Due to the nature of this medium and the hand-finish we provide, unique variations will occur. Please note, continued rusting will occur, the sealant used will slow the process but will not eliminate it. We mix our own rusting product in-house and are not using the chemicals you can buy over the counter. Those rust finishes will peel and bubble over time but our rust finish will not. Also, our rust finish is sealed with a penetrating matte sealant so it's a more natural rust appearance. (ie, no glossy, artificial/painted look - it's truly gorgeous!) You will want to wear gloves when you install it to prevent rust from coming off on your hands or from smudging the beautiful finish. The finish will harden over time as it is exposed to the elements.

We have designed our plaques, planters and mailboxes with the protection of your wall in mind. Our wall-mounted designs limit the amount of exposure the metal has with your wall. Small square tubing runs along the back edge(s) keeping the planter/plaque from lying directly on the wall. Silicone ‘bumpers’ are provided where the metal touches the wall and we treat our hangers with a painted anti-rust finish to further prevent any rust stains.

Optional: If your sign is finished with a rust patina, it has been sealed with a penetrating sealer to slow down the rusting process. You can help protect it from the elements and further rusting by periodically spraying with a high-quality matte sealant (1-3 times per year). We recommend GJ Nikolas 8321 (available for purchase at Make sure you clean the metal thoroughly before applying the sealer. You can also use a light coat of a neutral shoe polish to condition the metal and create a barrier against moisture and UV rays.


A powder coated matte/eggshell black finish with a slight texture.


A powder coated charcoal grey with an eggshell finish and a slight texture. 


 A powder coated dark chocolate brown finish. It is an eggshell finish and contains subtle light brown flecks. This is the finish we recommend if you are trying to match bronze fixtures.

***Note about all of our powder coated finishes:

We prime and powder coat our signs to provide superior protection against rusting. However, if your sign is exposed to moisture and salt for longer periods of time, it will rust more rapidly than others. (ie, deep snow, humidity, coastal environments, etc..) 

If you are looking to further protect your powder coated sign from the elements, a light coating of non-abrasive car wax helps protect from UV damage and moisture. Use a brand containing a UV blocker or inhibitor. Do not use compound-type waxes for this purpose. This type of wax contains abrasives that can harm the powder coating.

Magnetic Number Finishes:

Our .25" thick aluminum numbers are available in three powder coated finishes and one clean, crisp font:

We powder coat our numbers to keep them looking new, like the day you received them!